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Economic Value Management by Eleanor Bloxham of The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance





Eleanor Bloxham


Published by:

John Wiley & Sons

November 2002


Wiley Finance Series


ISBN: 0471354260



Based on seven years of in depth research, Economic Value Management is a must read for corporate board members, especially members of the Audit Committee. Clear, thorough, easy to follow and rich with real-life case examples and exhibits, this book takes value concepts to the next level and offers practical approaches to get behind the numbers and truly understand what is happening inside an organization.


What is Economic Value Management?


Five Reasons to Employ Economic Value Management


Mary Schapiro, SEC chair: "Educated investors are essential to successfully functioning capital markets. At this critical time in our financial history, restoring the confidence in our financial system lost over the past year will depend upon financial advisers and investors truly understanding the companies they invest in. As Economic Value Management shows, being educated means more than understanding the unique language of the stock market, it is more than reading a prospectus or an annual report, it is more than listening to an analyst's opinions. Being educated requires a genuine understanding of the value of a company."


From Harvard Business School's HBS Working Knowledge: "Most corporate leaders and investors would agree at some level that companies should be run for the long term, not just quarter by quarter... As author Bloxham sees it, we all scurry around each day checking off items on our to-do lists without lifting our heads to see the big picture...Can the system be changed?... The book outlines new methods for performance assessment, value-based strategy, process, and technology, organizational structure, the reward process, and training and communication. A good read for managers who want to see the horizon as well as a foot in front of them."



"An authoritative guide for corporate leaders who want to break out of financial ratio boxes to build sustainable value."

Alexandra R. Lajoux, Editor in Chief of Director's Monthly and co-author (with J. Fred Weston) of The Art of M&A: Financing and Refinancing


Selected as a late edition candidate for best books of 2002 by CEO Refresher and chosen as a Featured Book Recommendation by Harvard Business School's HBS Working Knowledge.


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