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Economic Value Management by Eleanor Bloxham of The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance 

Reviews for Economic Value Management: Applications and Techniques

"The timing for publication of Eleanor Bloxham’s Economic Value Management is providential. We are assailed by the reality that the Board of Directors of leading companies have approved, no, have directed, accounting practices that inflate the reported earnings but that lack economic substance. Audit firms in search of personal wealth have been selling "earnings" from their consulting division to their full client list. This volume is uniquely couched to restore integrity to the financial understanding of corporate functioning. If you want - and you should - to start getting American business back on the right track, you should read this book."


Robert A.G. Monks, Publisher of and several books about Corporate Governance, several of which can be directly (and without charge) downloaded from his web site.

"Economic Value Management would have limited much of the economic turmoil we have experienced in the last 18 months. It is the way a company should be managed."


John McCoy, Chairman of Battelle Memorial Institute; retired Chairman and CEO of Bank One Corporation.

"In Economic Value Management, Eleanor Bloxham calls upon the metaphor of digging as a way to strike oil, to gain intelligence and to understand one's business. As a former director of a company whose impatient management made an unsuccessful pass at the use of EVA (economic value added), I can attest to the importance of thorough digging, for it is all too easy to base assessments on incomplete or surface data that may lead to erroneous conclusions, and, worse, ill-considered actions.

Ms. Bloxham goes beyond EVA to what she calls Economic Value Management. As a guide to the big dig this book is invaluable. Economic Value Management requires sustainable improvement in multiple dimensions and this book, replete with real-life examples and richly illustrated by charts, tables and other exhibits, shows us exactly how to make this happen."

Thomas R. Horton, former CEO, American Management Association

Posted by a reader on Amazon.Com

"This Book is a Must Read to Understand Economic Profit

When practitioners, who have actually rolled up their sleeves and implemented, write a book, it is usually a good read. In Eleanor Bloxham's
case, this is a great read.

There is so much confusion about what operational and strategic levers an organization should push or pull to create rather than destroy shareholder wealth. Most articles slip into gross platitudes and sloganeering and
sidestep the "how to." Bloxham's book dives in but explains admittedly complex interrelationships in a way you can understand them. She does a fine job integrating the component tools, like the balanced scorecard and activity based costing, into economic value management.

Some day boards of directors may find this to be the standard book for assisting their shareholders make, not lose, money.

"Educated investors are essential to successfully functioning capital markets. At this critical time in our financial history, restoring the confidence in our financial system lost over the past year will depend upon financial advisers and investors truly understanding the companies they invest in. As Economic Value Management shows, being educated means more than understanding the unique language of the stock market, it is more than reading a prospectus or an annual report, it is more than listening to an analyst's opinions. Being educated requires a genuine understanding of the value of a company."

Mary L. Schapiro, Vice Chairman, President, Regulatory Policy and Oversight, National Association of Securities Dealers.

"In an era when EPS has been redefined as 'expecting prison sentence', Eleanor Bloxham's call for back-to-value-basics is a breath of fresh air. Any CEO, director, or investor who wants to get a handle on the real numbers that show how companies perform should grab a hold of Economic Value Management. Viva EVM!"


Patrick McGurn, Vice President & Special Counsel, Institutional Shareholder Services

"The word 'book' means many things ranging from any written communication that is securely bound, to the 'total available knowledge and experience that can be brought to bear on a task or problem' (Webster s Ninth Collegiate). Eleanor Bloxham's Economic Value Management fills the latter bill. The author has given her all - rigorous scholarship, systematic thinking, and first-hand cases and the result is an authoritative guide for corporate leaders who want to break out of financial ratio boxes to build sustainable value."


Alexandra R. Lajoux, Editor in Chief of Director's Monthly and co-author (with J. Fred Weston) of The Art of M&A: Financing and Refinancing

From CEO Refresher

"Operating from a perspective that includes all constituents of the organization, Economic Value Management makes an organization more effective by clarifying decision-making and establishing management practices that are replicable. Stressing the importance of consistent stewardship and the perils of failed stewardship, Eleanor Bloxham presents Economic Value Management as a means of integrating management processes, generating immediate returns, and paving the way for long-term success."

Posted by a reader on


Essential, but enjoyable reading for executives

A friend of mine recommended this book to be, but when I first saw the title of the book I wasn't sure what it was going to be about. It seemed a bit intimidating. However, the book is very easy to read, has incredible insights and having read it, I now can certainly understand why the book was named a late addition candidate to "ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS of 2002" and a CEO "RECOMMENDED READ" by CEO refresher, an independent editorial board recognized by the Harvard Business School and the Wall Street Journal. I think it is one of the best books on business I've ever read. I'm on my second reading of this book and as I go through it I'm revising my business unit's plans for the coming fiscal year. As Bloxham points out,
change is a difficult process, but worth it, so I'm sure I'll be referring to this book for years to come.

"Nothing could be more appropriate and needed at this time in history than understanding how decisions affect corporate economic value.  Eleanor Bloxham's exploration of this issue is clear, easy to follow, and thorough in its breadth.  Had corporate officers used Economic Value Management techniques throughout their organizations, and investors focused on such issues, there would have been much greater rationality in the stock market with much less eventual "blood letting."  Indeed, in the aftermath of recent disclosures, the focus on economic value management metrics should increase substantially, and this book provides a solid foundation for understanding such an approach."


Joseph A. Alutto, Dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

"Bloxham has a clear, common-sense, practical approach that provides welcome guidance to managers and directors on how to measure, create, and reward value. She avoids the usual jargon with sharply drawn examples and illuminating illustrations and the result is well worth reading."


Nell Minow, Editor, The Corporate Library, and co-author of several books including Corporate Governance and Watching the Watchers

From the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

"This book, by Eleanor Bloxham, is designed to assist development of the financial understanding of corporate functioning, including assessment, creation and protection of a company’s value. The book includes an explanation and overview of economic value management and how it relates to organisations, as well as addressing topics such as: performance measurement and management and the impacts of these, demonstration and assessment of economic value management approaches; applications and techniques; evaluations and their context; and the customer, value drivers and changes over time."

Posted by a reader on Amazon.Com

Cutting Through the Confusion about Performance Metrics

Corporate senior executives are subjected to pressure for performance from many constituents - shareholders, customers, employees, governmental and regulatory authorities, rating agencies, board members, and securities analysts. And, since these are by definition high achieving individuals, some of the greatest pressure is from within. The existence of many constituents, many with conflicting objectives, often makes it very difficult for CEO's, CFO's and board members to focus on key performance goals and metrics. Over the course of my 34 year career as a corporate banker, I've seen many confused executives, pressured for EPS growth, revenue growth, ROE, but not necessarily understanding the long run impact of any or all of these performance metrics.

Ms. Bloxham has produced a superb book that takes a "holistic" view of the process of identifying performance criteria for senior executives, and not just for those in the private sector. She and I share common views about the benefits of economic value added metrics, but she has gone well beyond this to address many of the conflicts for performance faced by executives. She provides an excellent framework for establishing a set of logical goals and performance metrics for managing complex businesses and non-profit organizations.

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